Creation Stories

The fall of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden is a beautiful metaphor for the transition from the eternal to the mundane. The tree of life represents the eternal, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents the mundane, the illusion of time, and the world of duality.
The Hindu story of creation conveys the same idea but with a far more elaborate story. Below is my version of the Hindu creation story. To quote Alan Watts, “My attempts to explain are not serious but sincere.”

Vishnu lies on the pond of the divine (undifferentiated consciousness). Brahman sits on a Lotus protruding from Vishnu’s belly. The breath of Brahman drifts upon the pond creating ripples that reflect the light and create the universe of the pairs of opposites. On the surface of the ripples is a mist with droplets (essence) moving into the dance of the light. They fall asleep (birth) and experience the intensity of the contrasts (duality), brightness and darkness, good and bad, hot and cold, love and hate, white and black. The essence plays a game of hide and seek with itself to experience separateness and a sense of I. An avatar (Ego) develops that is used to join the story created by the play of the droplets participating in the illusion of the light.
The ripple of the breath that sent them into the mist begins to diminish. The intensity of the dance of light fades. The avatar shows signs of decay, and stillness begins to pull back the veil of time. The illusion begins to allow glimpses of the eternal and the avatar slowly retreats as the love of the divine is awakened (born again). The avatar is recognized as a creation to serve the dance of the light. The essence observes the avatar until it dissolves (death), and the essence celebrates the great adventure.

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