Managing Disease

If you live in the United States, your health system profits when you are ill. The sicker you are, the more times you need to go to the doctor or hospital or get medication at the pharmacy, and the more money the medical industry makes.

Is this a big healthcare industry plot, and are medical professionals bad? No, I am saying that the healthcare system has evolved over many years without much thought and has developed a perverse set of incentives. We have opted for a simple fee-for-service model developed by insurance companies and healthcare providers that focuses on payment, not healthcare. Doctors, nurses, and other well-meaning healthcare providers are some of the people most upset about the system. They know that CFOs and accountants have more say in your health care than they do.

In the United States, we have a disease management system that focuses on managing disease and prolonging life once the disease has invaded our lives. The good news is that times are changing, and we are empowered to take charge of our health. Who teaches you what healthy is? Where do you go to find out what’s healthy to eat and the latest science on longevity and health? If the answer to many of the questions above is “I’m not sure,” “I don’t know,” or “I haven’t thought of that,” I invite you to sign up for a free consultation and explore what Life Coaching for Health has to offer. You can always keep doing what you are doing the way you are, and the choice is yours.

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